Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Boston Massacre Redoux

SWEEP! The Yankees can play the big bash game, but they can also play little ball. The Yankees swept the Red Sox, giving them a 7 game lead in the loss column. This was the first 5 game sweep of the Boston Red Sox since 1953.

Cory Lidle went 6 solid innings for the Yankees, keeping the Bosox off balance all afternoon.

Bobby Abreu had a double and drove in the Bombers’ 1st run.

Nick Green doubled in the 8th and scored the key 2nd run on a wild pitch by Keith Foulke. David Wells, who had pitched brilliantly, left the dugout frustrated. He had been removed after Melky Cabrera’s sacrifice bunt put Green on 3rd.

A-Rod played well defensively, making a great diving stop on a sharp grounder, saving a run.

What a series! The Yankees played inspired baseball all series long. Nothing could keep them from winning this series.

The Boston Massacre Redoux.

There’s always next year, Red Sox fans. By the way… thanks for Johnny Damon.


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