Way To Go Joe!

Joe Giradi has won the National League Manager Of The Year Award.
This is proof positive to me that the Marlins’ management are dolts. What Girardi did with that young, minor league caliber team was WAAAAAAAYYY beyond anyone’s expectations. Mr. Girardi, you can come on back to the Yankees any time that you want.
Jim Leyland, as expected, won the award for the American League.
Great job, guys. Congratulations.

UPDATE (11/15/2006): Girardi joins the YES Team!



  1. Thomas

    I could not agree more. Girardi was fantastic, and… no disrespect to Lou Pinella, but I think he was a better fit for the Cubs young team than Lou. As I Sox fan, I saw plenty of Leland and his boys. Leland it class. His team did him no justice in the World Series.


  2. RumorMill

    Yes Girardi did a great job but you have to be able to get along with the boss ya know? Besides which, I think a LOT of the credit should go to the Marlins’ GM for assembling that crew of young tallent. That being said, the only other manager I would have rather seen win it would have been Tony LaRussa and that’s just hometown bias speaking.


  3. Richard

    So… you’re saying that the hundreds of players that Girardi has played with and/or coached over the years were wrong about him, and he really DOES have an attitude problem?
    Sorry, I just don’t buy it. Let’s see how they perform this year. They won’t be sneaking up on anyone. Who will the GM blame then?


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