Thurman Munson: One Of The Game’s Greatest Clutch Hitters

Thurman Munson was one of the greatest clutch players in the history of baseball.
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Thurman Munson hit .302 for his career with runners in scoring position(RISP). With men on base (MOB), Munson batted .307.

How does Thurman Munson’s career batting average with runners in scoring position (RISP) rank against his contemporaries? Let’s compare his statistics with three of his contemporaries who are in the Hall Of Fame.

Carlton Fisk: RISP .270, MOB .274
Gary Carter: RISP .271, MOB .272
Johnny Bench: RISP .262, MOB .273
And, just for fun, the Immortal Yogi Berra: RISP .265, MOB .264

All of these players deserve to be enshrined in the HOF. They were all dominant players in their era, as was Thurman Munson.
In his 10 full seasons, Munson was a 7-time All-Star, a 3-time Gold Glove Award winner, an American League MVP, and the 1970 Rookie of the Year. His career batting average of .292 ranks 4th ALL-TIME among American League catchers with at least 5,000 career at bats. His batting average ranks 79th ALL-TIME among all position players in either league. He hit .357 for his post-season career, including .529 in the 1976 World Series against The Big Red Machine. He had hits in 28 of 30 post-season games. Throughout the entirety of his stellar career, he averaged 1.09 hits per game, a statistic that speaks of his consistency.
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Due to the rigors of their position, catchers must be compared to other catchers when determining how they stack up against the all-time greats. No one who knows baseball can say that Thurman Munson was not a dominant player in his era. His career speaks for its’ own greatness.

Thurman Munson should be in the Hall Of Fame!




    Man!!!!!!! All I know is this. I would not want to round third and head home with Thurmon Blocking the Plate.


    Better than Fisk.

    The best overall catcher in the American League for the decade of the 1970s.

    He got MVP votes in 7 years. Bill Freehan got MVP votes in 6 and Fisk in 7 for playing 20 years.


    I grew up in the south bronx and was very into the New York yankees and Mr.Thurman Munson was all that and then some, may he rest in peace he was a great player

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