Looks Like We’ve Got Us A Manager…

…and his name is Joe Girardi.

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I’m hearing reports that Joe Girardi has been officially offered the Yankees’ managerial job.

This is not unexpected, and is happy, yet sad news at the same time. It looks like Don Mattingly will NOT return to the Bronx next year.


We all wish Donnie Baseball the best. He is a totally class act, and a TRUE Yankee through and through. He will be missed.


Alex Rodriguez has decided to opt out of his contract and file for Free-Agency. So much for "wanting to stay a Yankee", and all of that garbage.

The people in Seattle know EXACTLY how we feel about this greedy, numbers-padding, "great-in-the-regular-season-but-invisible-
in-the-play-offs", spoiled brat of an emo kid. I hope he gets exactly what he gives. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and he’ll sign with the Red Sox as THEIR albatross.

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I can’t help but like the stand that the Steinbrenners took with A-Rot. There IS a mystique and an aura that surrounds the wearing of the Yankee Pinstripes. It is truly an HONOR to wear the Yankee uniform. The trouble with A-Rod is that he could never understand in his mercenary mind that you wear the inter-locking NY with your heart, and not your body. The men that learn this important distinction are the TRUE Yankees; we’ve seen way too many A-Rods and Sheffields over the past few years, I’m afraid.

At any rate, GOOD RIDDANCE to you whining, sniveling, "it’s-all-about-me" choker. Let me hold the door for you.

Scott Brosius, where have you gone?




  1. alotafunn@aol.com

    The manager should have been someone of Larry Bowa’s stature, now that the Yankees need to do some serious winning!! It should have ben him!
    Giradi is too much like Showalter with the charts, graphs, and the over analyzing of every little thing in the world.He is sickening to listen too! He never answers a question Yes or No!! It is a long drawn out answer if there is one!

    Good Luck To My Yankees, they will need it!


  2. yankyfan@optonline.net

    george steinbreenner is a ****** idiot for scrwewin torre over. hes a hall of fame manager n its like letting babe ruth go as a manager wqhich is completely obserd. n maybe if he was smart hed fire cashman cuz joe torre cnt control how his pitching performs but the gm can control who he gets for the team which he didnt do **** in the offseason so blow it our ur *** steinbrenner n go to ****

  3. alotafunn@aol.com

    George isn’t really the decision guy anymore. His mind is half gone with Alzheimer’s!
    His sons are going to be bad news,they no nothing about baseball!

    Our dynasty is in trouble my friend!!


  4. amber__11@hotmail.com

    ALotafunn, Cashman is the only one that did stick up for Joe. I sick of hearing the doom and gloom from everyone. People the sky is not falling have some freaking faith. There is a lot to be excited about. We have a whole bunch of young guys coming up in the near future and others that will come up in coming years.

  5. alotafunn@aol.com

    I am sorry but there is a lot of doom and gloom on mostly everyones part. Look what has tanspired since they have lost the play off,s come on??

    Cashman stood up for no one and he was suppose to be Torre’s friend. He was afraid of his own job and played along with the others who could not wait to get rid of Joe! He is just as phony as A’Rod!!

    The new kids coming in are pretty good but not all of them,but they cannot do it all. We still need our mixture of big names too!

    Eileenyy (alotafunn)

  6. Rick

    Wow. Amber’s right… there’s NO REASON to be down in the dumps!
    The Yankees’ Farm System hasn’t looked this good since the ’70s. The Terrific Trio of Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy are going to be GREAT next year under the tutelage of Joe Girardi. And don’t forget Tyler Clippard, folks! He’ll be back. Add in Ross Ohlendorf and some of the other prospects that we’ll get the chance to see next season, and I think that the future is as bright as the sun.

    Mariano and his agent met today with the Yankee brass; I believe that he’ll re-sign.

    I’ve said all along that I believe that BOTH Posada and Pettitte will return to play for their friend, Joe Girardi.

    We lost A-Rod. Big deal. He never was a real Yankee, just a hired gun that shot water pistols in the post-season.

    As for Larry Bowa; while I’ve always liked him(even when he played for the Phillies), when was he EVER successful as a manager?

    Regardless, keep the faith, Yankee fans, we’ve got a lot to be happy about.


  7. alotafunn@aol.com

    Larry Bowa is alive and has spark and can give the best motivattion! He is not a dead beat! He wont just seat there as Torre did and Giradi will with his charts and graphs, lol.
    As for Clippard, and Ross, you can have them with the Mosse and W a n g the choker..

  8. alotafunn@aol.com

    Musse, not to forget about Farnotworthy.
    As for the other youth

    Kennedy only pitched one awesone game which was his debut game which I was at.

    The others he didnt make the 5th or 6th innig, but the Yankees scored big in which is why he won and Hughes runs hot and cold!! Very spiratic..

    Gloomy to me.

  9. amber__11@hotmail.com

    Wow it pains me to hear such talk from a Yankee fan. How can you be so hard on some of these guys they are all still learning. There is a lot of talent you just want to look at it differently then I do. Seriously, give these young guys a chance. Unless you can read the future then I am not sure why you are so negative.
    As for Cashman, it wasn’t his decision alone to make. Last time I checked he does not own the Yankees. Joe thought that he was the one guy that stood up for him so why would you think you know differently? I understand that this is not the best time because we just fired a great man and we have tons of things in the air BUT give it time. It is the start of the offseason and we have plenty of time to get things inorder.

    As for the youngs we have plenty that are going to surprise you. Some are still babies and need time to develop. Guys like Tabata and Jackson and maybe even Duncan too. I have been a lifetime Yankee fan and I dont give up on my team just because things are not looking perfect. Call me crazy but I just LOVE and BELIEVE in this team!

    Thanks Rick, glad your feeling the positive vibes!

  10. alotafunn@aol.com

    I have been a Yanks fan for 56 years,does that seem I have given up you 2? Don’t be silly. I live and breath this team and go to most of these games and spend a fortune..
    Duncun, now you are talking, to me could be a super star if he played every day!

    I just heard we have a chance at Santana that make makes me happy, for he will be traded for sure this winter.

    Of course everyone has a different opionion on Torre, and of course there are people feeling a bit low right now, and that is there

    thing, so you cannot judge them for that. You know they will still be there thru thick and thin!

    Rick and Amber, I am on your side people. Eileen

  11. amber__11@hotmail.com

    I really hope they bring Duncan up in the near future. He has struggled in the minors the past few years but when you switch him to a new position things like that can happen.

    As for Santana, I hope we stay away atleast for this coming season. We would have to give up 2 or 3 top prospects for him. At the end of next year he can file for free agency. Maybe we can get lucky and get him then, but I dont think he’s worth giving up Hughes or Joba for.

    On a much more positive note I heard Jorge told the Yankees that he does want to come back. That’s a good sign if it’s true!

  12. alotafunn@aol.com

    Thank-God Jorge Wants to stay,as Pettite will either stay or retire to be with his family! True Blue! I think Mo is playing a game with them because they did’t bring up his contract till now and not before the end of the season. That really ticked him off!
    You will see a lot of Duncan in 2008.

    I am sure that MiNN will unload Santana to get about three new players which I heard on a few sports shows, starting with the Yanks this Winter.

    Whether or not the Cash man goes for it, I do not know, but we do need another good pitcher. A top knoch name, but I would never give up my Joba teddy bear!

    Have a good night if I don’t hear from you!

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