The Yankee Skipper Sets Sail For Los Angeles

Joe Torre has agreed to a 3 year contract to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The contract will pay him $4.3+ million per season. The "insult" contract that the Yankees offered him was $5 million per year WITH incentives, that could have had him earning up to $8 million.

What?!?! Did the Yankees offer him TOO MUCH money?

Seriously, though, I wish him the best… just not against the Yankees…

Scott Proctor, you had better start icing that arm…





    Poor Scott, I really like him. I think Farnsworthless should have been traded but nobody wanted him.
    Come back to us Scott, maybe your arm won’t fall off this season.

    I’ll miss Joe:( The Nationals are moving into their new ballpark this year( I’m so excited) so I think I will head down there when the Dodgers come to town. Just to see Joe of course!

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