Mariano Rivera Accepts The Three Year Deal

Mariano Rivera has formally accepted the 3 year $45 million contract offered by the Yankees.

All of the media-induced ramblings of how Mo had his feelings hurt about not getting the deal in Spring Training have been proven false. He had been in the Dominican doing a baseball clinic. As with so many rumors, the media accounts have been shown to be ridiculous.

Except for Andy Pettitte, all of the cogs are back in place. Andy has a standing 1 year, $16 million offer to pitch for the Bombers in 2008.

The Yankees will now make a push to sure up their bullpen, possibly by acquiring a lefty and a righty through free-agency or trade. Luis Vizcaino may be back with the club as the Yankees seem prepared to make him an offer.

This new generation of Steinbrenners have shown themselves willing to do whatever it takes to put a competitive product on the field in 2008. It’s going to be a fun ride next year.

It’s been a tremendous off-season thus far… and it’s only starting…



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