Trading Godzilla Would Be A Monumentally STUPID Move

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Why would you trade a guy who’s been productive for his entire career in The Pinstripes?

Especially for two middle-of-the-road players? One of whom is at the end of his career?

For a National League pitcher? We ALL know how well Senior Circuit pitchers do in the American League when they actually have to face nine hitters through a line-up! The results aren’t normally very pretty.

With the Yankees suddenly YOUNG pitching staff, it would benefit the Yankees to keep a perennial 100 RBI man.

The Yankees should keep Hideki Matsui, and stop being stupid.





    I agree with everything you said. The only NL pitcher you can bring over to the AL and have success with right away is Pettite (because he was an AL pitcher from the start).
    I would feel really bad if we traded Matsui. Do you remember in 2006 when he broke his wrist. He apoligized to his teammates and fans for letting them down, and he promised to get back as soon as he could. That’s the kind of guy I want on my team. He has a lot of heart, and he is a good player!

  2. Jason

    I agree, Rick and Amber. There’s no way I’d agree to trade Matsui unless they got very good return for him and that does not seem likely with his contract. He’s very productive, a very good teammate, and the Yankees need the outfield depth.

    Keep Matsui. He’ll bounce back with a terrific 2008.

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