Another Piece Of The Puzzle

The Yankees have reached a deal with right-hander LaTroy Hawkins.

He should fill the role that Luis Vizcaino sputtered in last season. The deal is for 1 year, $3.75 million.

Signings like Hawkins and Jose Molina may not garner the big, juicy headlines, but watch for these two veterans to be key players on the 2008 Yankee ball club.

Keeping the young guys while adding veteran pieces… in a way, it kind of feels like 1996 all over again…




  1. Chris

    I saw him in Toronto, and he fighting with a fan in the stands above the bullpen. I think he is good, but it is weird how he acted in Toronto.



    after the A-Rod pop-up/benches-clearing/Jays throwing at A-Rod’s knees debacle last year, i’d guess Hawkins would fit in with the Yankees well when they go to Toronto

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