This Puts It To Bed For Me

I believe him. Period.

Statement of Andy Pettitte issued through Randy Hendricks

"First, I would like to say that contrary to media reports, I
have never used steroids. I have no idea
why the media would say that I have used steroids, but they  have done so repeatedly. This is hurtful to me
and my family.

In 2002 I was injured. I had heard that human growth hormone could promote faster healing for
my elbow. I felt an obligation to get
back to my team as soon as possible. For
this reason, and only this reason, for two days I tried human growth hormone. Though
it was not against baseball rules, I was not comfortable with what I was doing,
so I stopped. This is it – two days out
of my life; two days out of my entire career, when I was injured and on the
disabled list.

If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I
apologize. I accept responsibility for
those two days. Everything else written
or said about me knowingly using illegal drugs is nonsense, wrong and hurtful. I have the utmost respect for baseball and
have always tried to live my life in a way that would be honorable. I wasn’t looking for an edge; I was looking
to heal.

If I have let down people that care about me, I am sorry,
but I hope that you will listen to me carefully and understand that two days of
perhaps bad judgment should not ruin a lifetime of hard work and dedication. I have tried to do things the right way my
entire life, and, again, ask that you put those two days in the proper
context. People that know me will know
that what I say is true."

I will continue to believe Andy Pettitte’s words over any soiled characters with seedy, damaged and criminal reputations who want to take as many people down with them as possible. PROVE IT.

To me, the whole issue is dead. The report is incomplete, hearsay and not necessarily true in many of its’ so-called "revelations". I choose to take good men at the value of their own good word.

Andy Pettitte is a good man. One of the best.

I’m just ready to get back to some REAL baseball news.



One comment


    I believe Clemens. And still there is no proof that says he did it. Adny on page 22 of his depo even said he was speculating, and then he says that Roger told him that he HEARD it helped repair injured tissue…page 22. Clemens never even had an abcess, like we were told (sold!). Dr Taylor, according to the overights webpage, injected Clemens in mid JUNE 1998 with …..B-12! The sight that DR TAYLOR injected W Roger Clemens was irritated. So much more at that site including, the McNamee taped call to murray, the Email from McNamee to Murrray, Doctor Reports, and most of all….the Hardin PIs (Belk and Yarborough) interview of mcNamee on dec. 12. Most recent news is Emery asking for the defamation suit to be dismissed as his client was compelled to speak by the Federal Procseuctors office…if you read the McNamee interview you will see that the Feds spoon fed McNamee what to say and threatened to jail him if he wasnt cooperative and a “reliable witness”.
    Love the site…i was 9 when Munson died. Went into Air Traffic years later and worked in Columbus OH. Still couldnt go to canton. Wont do it either. I looked into that accident….not good. Last I read the Veterans Committee was looking into putting Munson, my man too, in the hall. After Munson left us I couldnt watch for a long time…still played but it took a young phenom named Rocket to make me a fan again. Always a Yank, but had a Red Sox fan for a brother. Enjoyed watching Clemens then, as I always have….and I believe Roger…especially given his family history. I was there, after he finished talking about that history (his dad dying when he was 9, sister, brother Mother…) I clapped out loud and was almost tossed HAHA.

    Here is a link if youre interested in my research on the mitchell scam

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