Another Piece Of The Puzzle

The Yankees have reached a deal with right-hander LaTroy Hawkins.

He should fill the role that Luis Vizcaino sputtered in last season. The deal is for 1 year, $3.75 million.

Signings like Hawkins and Jose Molina may not garner the big, juicy headlines, but watch for these two veterans to be key players on the 2008 Yankee ball club.

Keeping the young guys while adding veteran pieces… in a way, it kind of feels like 1996 all over again…



Trading Godzilla Would Be A Monumentally STUPID Move

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Why would you trade a guy who’s been productive for his entire career in The Pinstripes?

Especially for two middle-of-the-road players? One of whom is at the end of his career?

For a National League pitcher? We ALL know how well Senior Circuit pitchers do in the American League when they actually have to face nine hitters through a line-up! The results aren’t normally very pretty.

With the Yankees suddenly YOUNG pitching staff, it would benefit the Yankees to keep a perennial 100 RBI man.

The Yankees should keep Hideki Matsui, and stop being stupid.


Moose Gets His Mouse

Last night, Moose toed the tile, locked in to his target.

His keen eyes were focused entirely on his next victim; it was as if there was no one else around. He eyed the darting movements of his quarry, as he stretched his somewhat cumbersome frame into a crouch; waiting to pounce.

Suddenly, Mickey Mouse blinked; unable to maintain his quiet composure, he darted into the open, trying to evade the silent stare of Moose. The sprint would prove to be his last.

The house was filled with a deathly silence. From the clenching feline jaws of the Moose, the mouse dangled; lifeless. The Moose had done his duty; he had protected his family from the terrible scourge and infestation of the mouse-kind.

We are very thankful for our three cats: Moose (Mussina), Bernie (Williams) and (Oscar) Gamble. Along with our three pooches (Piniella, Scooter and Maris), they keep us safe in our beds at night.

Our house is now a "mouse-free zone" once more.

Everybody have a GREAT day!


Keep The Faith, Yankee Fans!

Despite the wringing of hands and cries of terror from some Yankee fans, the move that the Yankees DID NOT make may prove to be the BEST move.

The Yankees have apparently escaped the Johan Santana drama without mortgaging their future. For now. The Yankees have a tremendous amount of players in the minors that are just mere moments away from the Majors; the Yankees have rightly decided to hold onto them.

How many extra wins would Johan Santana add to the Yankees in the upcoming season? If he would win 18-20 games, then how many would Phil Hughes win? If Phil Hughes wins 14-15 games this season with healthy legs (and therefore improved velocity), then the difference is just between 3-5 games.

Trading away the farm just isn’t worth that few wins.

Don’t forget just how close this season AND post-season truly was; the Yankees were second by a slight 2 games in the American League East, and could have beaten the Indians minus an over-rested Game One starter and an orgy of Midges in Game Two. Even then, with a couple of moves from the manager, these two losses COULD have been averted.

Had the Yankees beaten Cleveland (as they SHOULD have), then the series with Boston could have been up for grabs, because the Yankees and the Red Sox are built to beat one another. Exactly NONE of the Red Sox players wanted to play the Yankees.

Call me crazy, call me names, call me anything you want… but so far this winter I’ve been right about Girardi, A-Rod, Posada, Rivera and Pettitte

Just keep the faith, Yankee fans! Good things come to those that wait patiently! Don’t let the sensationalist, anti-Yankee Media cause you to lose what you know deep in your hearts to be true. The Yankees are going to be really good next year.


Terrific News!!!

Andy Pettitte will pitch for the Yankees in the 2008 season.

This goes a LOOOOOONG way towards solidifying the Yankees’ rotation, even WITH the likes of youngsters Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy filling out the other 3 open slots.

Chien-Ming Wang will provide steady starts as the projected number one in this rotation.

Mike Mussina can be used for spot starts and long relief.

This has been a fantastic off-season for the Yanks!


Speculation Abounds!

According to reports, the Red Sox have allegedly moved ahead of the Yankees in the Johan Santana Sweepstakes.

Whoop-de-doo. (yawn.)

Something tells me that the Twins are going to keep Santana until sometime in July, when it’ll be determined if they’re in the race for the American League Central Pennant. If they’re out of it by then, they’ll be looking to unload him for some talent. By then, they’ll be willing to part with him for a whole lot less than they’re jockeying for now.

So don’t worry, fans… the Twins asking price is ASTRONOMICAL. They won’t trade him until July unless some team out there is willing to mortgage it’s future with some jaw-dropping deal.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen… at least, not yet…