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Game One: The Frustration Escalates…


Another year when the Yankees didn’t play hard in the last week of the season.

Another year that the Yankees came to the ballpark with sleeping bats.

Another year when the Yankees were betrayed by their starting pitchers.

Another year that the Yankees thumb their collective noses at their fans.

I hope I’m wrong, but this is frustrating… Azdrubel Flippin’ Cabrera???



Yankees 10, Orioles 4


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MVP Alex Rodriguez drove in 2 more runs, finishing the regular season with 156 RBIs. His 54 taters led the known universe. WHAT A GREAT YEAR!

Bobby Abreu drove in RBIs 100 and 101 today. Despite his many troubles, he still got the job done.

Expect good things from these guys over the next 3 weeks or so. This is a very dangerous team; if I was another team, the prolific Yankees would be the last team I’d want to play.


About a week ago, I posted that the Yankees were the best team in baseball; now it’s time to prove it!  Every single team in the play-offs has questions about their bullpen; it’s not just the Yankees. However, NO other team has the combination of Joba and Mo. The Yankees once again have the ability to shorten the game to a 7 inning affair. This could be a GREAT October.


Yankees 11, Orioles 10

Another thrilling pitching duel!

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I didn’t get to watch most of it, because we’re Up All Night At Pet Shop Comics. On the last Saturday of each month, we stay open from 11:00 a.m. on Saturday until 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning here at the shop.

During the event, we host all kinds of board game tournaments, table-top miniatures games, collectible card game tournaments and so on. It’s a tremendous day of family fun that wears out this old man.

Still, 10 runs in an inning sure is impressive…


Orioles 10, Yankees 9 (10 Innings)

Forget about the "great" comeback from 21-29, or the 14.5 game deficit.

Forget about being in the play-offs being the only thing that really matters.

The Yankees have virtually GIVEN the American League Eastern Division Crown to the Boston Red Sox over the past week, and in the process, kicked their own fans in the teeth. Congratulations, Boston! You deserve it!

Tonight’s game was just another example of the Yankees’ footwork upon our dental health.

If they’re done trying, then I’m done. What I’ve witnessed tonight makes me want to launch into a fit of projectile vomiting.

The thing that aggravates me is this: the Yankee players KNOW how important it is to the fans to finish ahead of our hated rivals. Winning the Division wasn’t for THEM, it was for US. Doesn’t ANYONE play for pride anymore?

Darn right, I’m a SORE sport!

See y’all in October.

Yankees 3, Devil Rays 1

The kids can play, too!

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Phil Hughes gave the Yankees a great start tonight for the win. Hughes went 7 innings, allowing only 1 run on 4 hits. He struck out 5 batters.

Joba Chamberlain gave the Yankees an inning for the 2nd consecutive night, whiffing 1 and giving up a hit. More than the batters getting hits against Joba, it seems to be a matter of him hitting their bats. He’s nigh un-hittable.

Jose Veres picked up the save with a scoreless 9th.

Jose Molina gave the Yankees a clutch 2 RBI single in the 7th, giving the Bombers the lead that they’d never relinquish. He really gives the Yankees something special at back-up catcher.

Johnny Damon continued his torrid hitting spree, slapping 2 more hits, including a double.

Alberto Gonzalez picked up his first MLB hit and scored a run.

A strong win with a primarily back-up team. It’s nice to see so many youngsters contribute. Only 3 more until the REAL season begins.