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FBI Questions Suspect In Football Stadium Threat

The FBI is questioning a suspect in Milwaukee concerning a "Dirty Bomb" threat. 

From the (Dis)Associated Press:

FBI spokesman Richard K. Ruminski said the "individual has come forward and provided information about the posting of the threat against the NFL stadiums. The U.S. government still believes this threat is non-credible."

The threats about radioactive bombs, posted on a Web site a week ago, were not backed up by intelligence indicating such an attack might be imminent, according to the FBI and the Homeland Security Department.

Seems to me that the only "Dirty Bombs" in Wisconsin are the Green Bay Packers.

UPDATE (10/19/2006): "Dirty Bomb" plot is a hoax!

UPDATE (10/20/2006): "Dirty Bomb" Knucklehead Nabbed!