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The Feminization Of The Nation

Face it, RSN… you’ve been feminized.
Over the past few days, the Red Sox blogs have been alive with a buzz about Alex Rodriguez’ slide into Dustin Pedroia.  You would think, after reading some of the rants, that A-Rod assassinated someone.

What has become of baseball, when a guy can’t try to break up a double-play? It was NOT a dirty play. The elbow was NOT intended to hurt the tiny second-bagger. A-Rod did NOT intend to cause any grief within the hearts of any mothers out there with small children.

Alex Rodriguez was simply trying to break up a double-play, during a game in which his team was losing. And break it up he did.

To listen to some ESPNation analysts or to some Bosox bloggers, you’d think that A-Rod committed the dirtiest play in the history of baseball. In regards to that, I reply: "Grow up, you pansies!"

I remember watching guys like Hal McRae chase fielders into left-field to break up double-plays. I remember watching Don Baylor knock guys to the ground EVERY time he slid into second. I recall Chad Curtis breaking up a sure double-play in the play-offs a few years back. Former Mets’ catcher Duffy Dyer once told me, concerning tag plays at the plate, "Tag ’em up high, ’cause where the head goes, the body’ll follow." 

Sliding in hard and collisions are a good, rough part of the game. So is pitching inside and occasionally hitting a batter. So is the occasional brawl that ensues. Now, while I never advocate throwing at someone’s head, a good brush-back pitch keeps everyone honest. It’s just part of the game.

So if the Red Sox Nation is upset by a good hard play, I’d suggest that they turn off ESPNation and rejoin the real world of MEN.

You guys just need to enjoy your first-place cushion, and stop being so FEMINIZED.



No Wonder Why Red Sox Fans Act The Way They Do

Playing tag has been banned from recess, along with touch football and other chase-related games.

From the (Dis)Associated Press:

Tag, you’re out! Officials at an elementary school south of Boston have banned kids from playing tag, touch football and any other unsupervised chase game during recess for fear they’ll get hurt and hold the school liable.

It’s all beginning to make sense why Red Sox fans are in such a bad mood all of the time.

It all goes back to childhood trauma.

Go Yankees! Lovin’ every day of being a Yankee fan!