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Why We Fight: 6 Years Later

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We must NEVER forget.


“Are You Guys Okay?”

Yesterday’s horrible accident stirred up the terrible memories of 27 years ago.

Sleep was largely out of the question for me last night, as I remembered the pain that I felt as my all-time hero passed from this mortal reality and into the next.

Still, I closed my eyes and prayed for Melanie Lidle and her 6 year old son, Christopher, that somehow they would be comforted through this shocking, sudden loss. I know firsthand that God does indeed hear our prayers and lovingly inclines His ear towards us.

It is impossible to answer the question of "why" when one is taken so suddenly, so unexpectedly, yet we can rely on the good nature of the Almighty, that He has His reasons. We see life dimly, as if looking through a clouded telescope, yet our God knows the reasons and always works even the most tragic situations to the ultimate good. We just have to keep the faith, depending on the fact that He is greater than we are, and He has everything in control, even when chaos rules the waters about us.

Our responsibility, therefore, is to honor God by living life to it’s fullest; lifting up our families by the lives that we live before this righteous God. None of us have ever remained untouched by our fragile mortality; every breath that we take is indeed a precious gift from God. None of us know when we will breathe our last, when we will kiss our wives goodbye for the final time, nor hug our children before life’s conclusion.

When Thurman Munson was killed, his last recorded words were, "Are you guys okay?", as he worried more about those around him than his own peril. That was a testament to the character of the man to which his children and wife could cling forever. That is eternally his monument.

Cory Lidle spent time with his family the day before his tragic end. He loved his family, more than he loved baseball, flying or any other endeavor. That is the testament to his life. His monument.

I’m sure, that just like Thurman, Cory would want to know,

"Are you guys okay?"

I Hate Rain Delays…

While we’re waiting for the rain to stop at The Stadium, I thought that I’d take a trip down memory lane back to October 6th, 1977.

The Yankees were playing the Royals in the 2nd game of the American League Championship Series.

The Yankees had finished the season with a 100-62 record, while the Royals finished at a 102-60 clip.

Thurman Munson, batting 3rd in the order went 3 for 4, scoring a run. Munson played well defensively, throwing out 2 would-be base stealers.

Cliff Johnson smashed a homer, going 2 for 4 with a double and driving in 2 RBI.

Ron Guidry pitched a complete game 3-hitter, striking out 7 hitters.

Well, the rain is just about over.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming and the business of beating the Tigers.

Go Yankees!