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The Yankee Skipper Sets Sail For Los Angeles

Joe Torre has agreed to a 3 year contract to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers.


The contract will pay him $4.3+ million per season. The "insult" contract that the Yankees offered him was $5 million per year WITH incentives, that could have had him earning up to $8 million.

What?!?! Did the Yankees offer him TOO MUCH money?

Seriously, though, I wish him the best… just not against the Yankees…

Scott Proctor, you had better start icing that arm…



Looks Like We’ve Got Us A Manager…

…and his name is Joe Girardi.

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I’m hearing reports that Joe Girardi has been officially offered the Yankees’ managerial job.

This is not unexpected, and is happy, yet sad news at the same time. It looks like Don Mattingly will NOT return to the Bronx next year.


We all wish Donnie Baseball the best. He is a totally class act, and a TRUE Yankee through and through. He will be missed.


Alex Rodriguez has decided to opt out of his contract and file for Free-Agency. So much for "wanting to stay a Yankee", and all of that garbage.

The people in Seattle know EXACTLY how we feel about this greedy, numbers-padding, "great-in-the-regular-season-but-invisible-
in-the-play-offs", spoiled brat of an emo kid. I hope he gets exactly what he gives. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and he’ll sign with the Red Sox as THEIR albatross.

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I can’t help but like the stand that the Steinbrenners took with A-Rot. There IS a mystique and an aura that surrounds the wearing of the Yankee Pinstripes. It is truly an HONOR to wear the Yankee uniform. The trouble with A-Rod is that he could never understand in his mercenary mind that you wear the inter-locking NY with your heart, and not your body. The men that learn this important distinction are the TRUE Yankees; we’ve seen way too many A-Rods and Sheffields over the past few years, I’m afraid.

At any rate, GOOD RIDDANCE to you whining, sniveling, "it’s-all-about-me" choker. Let me hold the door for you.

Scott Brosius, where have you gone?


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…

…or is that drip, drip, drip?

I’m going slightly stir-crazy, sitting here in my office and listening to the roof leak during the latest Kentucky Monsoon (known here’bouts in this neck o’ the woods as a K-‘Soon), I’ve been thinking about the Yankees’ managerial decision.

So far, there’s been no official word from the Yankees’ brass concerning The Choice. Of course, I’m still thinking that it’s gotta be Joe Girardi, as he brings a somewhat proven track-record to the negotiating table with him. I’m sitting here being mesmerized by the constant dripping into the ceiling tiles that the deal is already done; but the Yankees are just waiting for the World Series to be over and thus not steal any of Bud Selig’s thunder. WHATEVER…

Anyway, I envision Joe Girardi as manager with the familiar and beloved face of Don Mattingly manning the position of bench-coach. I see Tony Pena coaching first and instructing the Yankees’ catchers. Former Yankee and Indians’ current third base coach Joel Skinner has already proven that catchers don’t generally make good third base coaches, so there’s little room for Girardi or Pena, except for the above mentioned positions.

At any rate, my landlords said that they were going to fix the leak in the roof. That was back in May…

Why did I want to own my own business???


Accountability Matters

Here’s MY take on it, having let it sink in for a day…

Joe Torre was offered a contract that would’ve kept him as baseball’s highest-paid manager. However, under the terms of his new contract, The Yankee Skipper would have had to accomplish certain goals in order to earn even more money. These incentives were based on the positive performance of his managerial duties; such as winning play-off games and series.

This is called Performance Bonuses and Incentives. This is a time-honored and well-practiced tradition for management level personnel that has been used successfully in businesses for years.  Preposterous for someone earning $5 million per 162 games? Hardly.

Why shouldn’t a team that has the highest annual payroll demand results? Why shouldn’t a business owner who doles out large portions of his own money demand results? Why shouldn’t a business owner change his product at the core when the original product is no longer working?

After all, it’s the Steinbrenner’s money; they SHOULD demand results. If the product that they place on the field doesn’t meet or exceed theirs or their customer’s expectations, then why shouldn’t they be able to try to fix it? Getting bounced for 3 consecutive years in the first round of the play-offs isn’t a success in the world of the New York Yankees. It’s…well,… the Atlanta Braves…

Now, if we the people could somehow begin demanding results from our Presidents and Congress…

UPDATE (10/19/2007): Joe Torre considered the Yankee offer an "insult". Let me state it again… I appreciate EVERYTHING that Joe has done in the past as manager of the Yankees. He will always be remembered by me as a great Yankee manager. That being said, an offer to be the highest paid manager in the game is NOT an insult. We should ALL be so insulted. I love Joe, but he’s wrong on this one, I think. Things need to be maintained in their proper perspective; when the Yankees hired him, no one else wanted to even hire him as a coach. He didn’t win those 4 Championships by himself, and conversely, he didn’t lose those other 8 Championships by himself. How many of us get to be the highest paid in our chosen fields, or even negotiate our contracts?
If the Yankees are going to pay out the money to keep their free-agent talent, then someone’s going to have to start making some sacrifices. Can you imagine going to your boss at whatever job you have, and telling him that you don’t want your salary based upon your actual performance, but rather your previous reputation? It usually doesn’t work that way in the world that we all live in.
On the other hand, it’s a sad situation. It’s like saying good-bye to a dear friend. Maybe even for the last time.
Get ready, Yankee fans… it might be a real UGLY off-season…

A Sad Day…

…not altogether unexpected, but sad nonetheless…


Joe Torre has rejected an offer to return to the Yankees as manager for another season.

I expected that this was The Yankee Skipper’s final season in pinstripes, but over the past few days, I was caught up in the whirlwind of media speculation. I began to wonder…

We can speculate no more: Joe Torre is out as manager of the New York Yankees.

Thanks, Joe. You’ve worn the uniform well; you’ve done us all proud.

The Pick-O-Meter Is Running

So far tonight, the Mike Scioscia Pick-O-Meter has yet to register even a single pick.
Usually, the Angels’ manager is good for at least 2-3 nose picks on camera per night.

The meter is running…


UPDATE: The Pick-O-Meter Is Shut Out! No nose picks were recorded in tonight’s game. Take a minute to digest this information, folks… this is about as rare as a perfect game…

Way To Go Joe!

Joe Giradi has won the National League Manager Of The Year Award.
This is proof positive to me that the Marlins’ management are dolts. What Girardi did with that young, minor league caliber team was WAAAAAAAYYY beyond anyone’s expectations. Mr. Girardi, you can come on back to the Yankees any time that you want.
Jim Leyland, as expected, won the award for the American League.
Great job, guys. Congratulations.

UPDATE (11/15/2006): Girardi joins the YES Team!