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Please Say It Ain’t So, Joe…

Impossible as it may seem, Carl Pavano (!) may be the Yankees’ Opening Day starter.

This is like a bad dream… someone pinch me… DOGGONE IT!!! IT’S NOT A DREAM!


The same Carl Pavano who did not have the HEART to pitch last season; the same Carl Pavano whose mediocre offerings have been HAMMERED this Spring; the same Carl Pavano who DISSED the Yankees by his cover-up of an accident… That same Carl Pavano is going to get the HONOR of being the Opening Day starter at Yankee Stadium?!?

Please, Mr. Torre! Please come to your senses!

If it can’t be Moose or Andy, then let someone pitch that has shown some initiative and work-ethic! Let someone who has actually TRIED to make the club pitch! Let someone pitch that has actually proven his worth to the club, based on last year’s performance and this year’s Spring Training!

Let that someone be… Jeff Karstens!