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The Red Sox Know It…

…and so do most of their fans.


What do they know?

They know that the Yankees ARE the better team. In fact, regardless of where these two teams finish in the final regular season, the Red Sox know that the Yankees are the best team in all of baseball.

Even more so, the rest of the teams in both the American League AND the National League know it, too.



It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Won’t you be… my neighbor?

Last night, the Yankees won. The Red Sox lost. Again. I think that the Boston team is beginning to become a little unhinged…

Could it be that the fortunes in the American League Least are changing? I know, some’ll say that the Bosox are STILL 10 and 1/2 games up on the Bombers. The same yokels will say that the Yankees are dead and buried.

But I DO believe that if the Red Sox are capable of playing baseball at a .700 clip, then these Yankees are as well. Also, if these Yankees are capable of playing .400, then the Red Sox are capable of playing that poorly as well.

The Yankees have picked up 4 games in the past 7 games, going 5 and 2 in those games. The proverbial worm may just be ready to turn.

Move over, Boston… you’re about to get some noisy neighbors.


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled…

…Believe in the New York Yankees.

Ruth batting in 1918

Don’t believe in the HYPE that’s rolling down from Boston.

Everyone’s ready to crown the Red Sox the 2007 American League Eastern Division Champions. Some have even gone so far as to ordain the Bosox winners of the 2007 World Series. Hold on! If winning was based on a teams’ roster alone, then the Yankees would have won every World Series Championship since 2000.

I think the Media’s getting WAAAAAAY ahead of the actual facts of the matter.

The Boston Red Sox have indeed improved their ball club. No doubt about it. But before giving them their rings, realize these few facts that the RSN/ESPN  fanatics are ignoring.

  • D-Mat is probably going to be the real deal, but he has yet to throw even ONE pitch in the Majors. Let’s not give him the Cy Young Award just yet.
  • They signed J.D. Drew on the basis of ONE good year in the National League, and launched trusty Yankee-killer Trot Nixon into oblivion. Let’s not crown J. D. Drew the heir-apparent to Fred Lynn just yet.
  • They signed Julio Lugo, a career .260ish hitter as a replacement for their third career .260ish shortstop in the last three years.
  • They traded for Brendan Donnelly, who will help their bullpen get to… who?
  • They let Mark Loretta get away. Apparently he was TOO CONSISTENT for the Red Sox’ tastes.

The truth is that the Red Sox HAVE improved on their lackluster, under-achieving, 3rd place team from last season. They ARE going to be VERY competitive.

But the Yankees have ALSO improved their team over last year’s team. Their starting pitching staff is stronger with Andy Pettitte, their bullpen is formidable, and their offense should improve from last year when they scored about a zillion runs. Even if the Yankees had done NOTHING, the Red Sox would STILL be lacking in their hypocritical little game of over-priced catch-up.

Add in a little surprise here and there before the Free-Agent Signing Period ends, shake well, add a little kosher salt and you again have the team to beat in the American League: The New York Yankees.

Let the Red Sox EARN their rings like the Yankees have…  All 26 of them.


A Taboo Subject

DISCLAIMER: I’m going to tread on some sensitive ground in this post. To most Yankee fans, the memories that I’ll dredge up are taboo. Some of the coaches and players that will be indicted by the following statements are sacred to Yankee fans. I just think that before the postseason starts, it’s time to take a good, hard look at where the Yankees are right now.

Joe DiMaggio

Ever since the GREAT CHOKE of the 2004 American League Championship Series, this Yankee team has needed to prove to their fans, and themselves, that they have the KILLER INSTINCT.

I’m talking about the KILLER INSTINCT to bury a team that’s down, to finish off a beaten opponent. This KILLER INSTINCT cascades down from the management team to the players, and then translates onto the playing field.

All of the great Yankee teams had this one thing in common. The desire to not let up, not give an opponent any quarter. Every Championship winning Yankee team had the elusive KILLER INSTINCT.

The Yankees haven’t had the KILLER INSTINCT since 2000.

I offer as proof these facts:

  • The 2001 World Series. The Yankees went to Arizona ahead 3-2 in the Series. They lost the next 2 games, unable to finish the Diamondbacks.
  • The 2002 Divisional Series against the Angels. After winning the first game, the Yankees folded before the streaking Halos, the eventual World Champions.
  • The 2003 World Series. The Yankees were unable to close it out against the Florida Marlins, a significantly inferior team.
  • The 2004 American League Championship Series. The GREAT CHOKE. ESPN will NEVER, EVER let the Yankee fans forget it. Up 3-0 in the Series, the Yankees folded against the Red Sox. The Red Sox went on to win the World Series against the Cardinals.
  • The 2005 regular season. Unable to put Boston away, the Yankees eventually back into First Place.
  • The 2005 Divisional Series. The Angels beat the Yankees 4-1.
  • The 2006 season. Able to ease the memories of 2004 by eliminating Boston at The Stadium, the Yankees fail to even put forth a quality effort in losing 3 out of 4 to the Red Sox.

This current team, although way ahead in the standings, has not won anything yet. This current team, stars and statistics notwithstanding, has yet to prove themselves as a team capable of administering the killing blow. Most disturbing to me, was the lack of effort displayed by the entire team from Joe Torre on down to the least used player this past weekend against the hated Red Sox. This current Yankee team, like those of the past 5 seasons, seems to lack the ability to put away teams that are behind them in the standings. Whether it’s a question of complacency or whatever, the Yankees must look to their leaders for the example, starting first with their manager.

The Yankees must have the courage to go the extra distance to kill their opponents when they’re down. The Yankees must hate losing at any cost.

That’s what Championship teams do that makes them Champions.