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Good News On A Dreary November Day

Alex Rodriguez finalized his contract today.


See? It’s not ALL bad news today.



Another Piece Of The Puzzle

The Yankees have reached a deal with right-hander LaTroy Hawkins.


He should fill the role that Luis Vizcaino sputtered in last season. The deal is for 1 year, $3.75 million.

Signings like Hawkins and Jose Molina may not garner the big, juicy headlines, but watch for these two veterans to be key players on the 2008 Yankee ball club.


Keeping the young guys while adding veteran pieces… in a way, it kind of feels like 1996 all over again…


Trading Godzilla Would Be A Monumentally STUPID Move

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Why would you trade a guy who’s been productive for his entire career in The Pinstripes?

Especially for two middle-of-the-road players? One of whom is at the end of his career?

For a National League pitcher? We ALL know how well Senior Circuit pitchers do in the American League when they actually have to face nine hitters through a line-up! The results aren’t normally very pretty.

With the Yankees suddenly YOUNG pitching staff, it would benefit the Yankees to keep a perennial 100 RBI man.

The Yankees should keep Hideki Matsui, and stop being stupid.


Terrific News!!!

Andy Pettitte will pitch for the Yankees in the 2008 season.

This goes a LOOOOOONG way towards solidifying the Yankees’ rotation, even WITH the likes of youngsters Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy filling out the other 3 open slots.

Chien-Ming Wang will provide steady starts as the projected number one in this rotation.

Mike Mussina can be used for spot starts and long relief.

This has been a fantastic off-season for the Yanks!


Mariano Rivera Accepts The Three Year Deal

Mariano Rivera has formally accepted the 3 year $45 million contract offered by the Yankees.


All of the media-induced ramblings of how Mo had his feelings hurt about not getting the deal in Spring Training have been proven false. He had been in the Dominican doing a baseball clinic. As with so many rumors, the media accounts have been shown to be ridiculous.

Except for Andy Pettitte, all of the cogs are back in place. Andy has a standing 1 year, $16 million offer to pitch for the Bombers in 2008.

The Yankees will now make a push to sure up their bullpen, possibly by acquiring a lefty and a righty through free-agency or trade. Luis Vizcaino may be back with the club as the Yankees seem prepared to make him an offer.

This new generation of Steinbrenners have shown themselves willing to do whatever it takes to put a competitive product on the field in 2008. It’s going to be a fun ride next year.

It’s been a tremendous off-season thus far… and it’s only starting…


An Immoral Offense

The State of New York is trying to get their greedy paws on Derek Jeter’s hard-earned money.


Read all about it here. I know that this story is already a few days old, but I’m just now able to write about it without smashing my keyboard.

Even though New York State taxes Jeter’s salary, they still want more. And more. And more…


When these Taxocrat sharks smell money in the proverbial water, it’s a flippin’ feeding frenzy. What did these land-sharks ever do to deserve someone else’s property (money)? It’s absolutely IMMORAL. It stinks to high-heaven above.

From the New York Post:

"Jeter’s Yankee salary is already taxed by New York State, but he may
have been sheltering money he earned from endorsements and investments
in Florida…"

Can someone tell me how New York has ANY right to money earned in another state? Especially a state that someone has a legal residence in? If I owned property in New York State but lived in Kentucky, would I owe back taxes on the salary that I earn in Kentucky as a legal resident?

Ridiculously OBSCENE. That’s what this country’s tax scheme is; a forced robbery upon the citizens of this nation.

It ain’t just the millionaires, folks… it’s guys like US too…