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When Gamer Geeks Attack

A man was injured during a Playstation 3 promotion in Milwaukee.

Watch the video here.

To add insult to the injury, the man who caused the injury actually got one of the PS3’s.

Sometimes, nice guys DO finish last.


How Nice Of Them…

The "Toys For Tots" program of the Los Angeles Reserve Marine Chapter has decided to accept donations of a talking baby Jesus doll, after refusing to do so earlier this week.

My, my… isn’t that nice of them…

Especially since "Toys For Tots" is essentially a CHRISTMAS program.

Maybe it’s just me, but people that are celebrating Christmas should never be ashamed of Christ, who the holiday commemorates and celebrates.

It’s getting real crazy out there… is it Spring Training yet?

A Rigged Competition

Wow… do I miss baseball.
If you care about such things, who do YOU think will win "Dancing With The Stars"? 
It probably doesn’t matter… Emmitt Smith doesn’t stand a chance. Mario Lopez is a former professional dancer. Emmitt is doomed.
Talk about rigged elections!

(Does this outfit make me look ***?)

By the way, I heard someone say that dancing was invented by women in order to make men look foolish… I think that it worked.

The off-season of boredom continues…