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Grapefruit League: Yankees 3, Tigers 3

On to New York!

The Yankees ended their 2007 Spring Training campaign in a tie.

Once again, Mariano Rivera was devastating in his final appearance, striking out 2 in his inning. He finished up Spring Training with 10 IP, 0 ER and 11 K’s. He’s ready.

The Yankees finish the Grapefruit League with a record of 14-13-3.

This is going to be a GREAT season, and a season in which the Yankees’ starters are going to surprise a whole lot o’ experts. It’s going to be a real fun ride.



Grapefruit League: Tigers 6, Yankees 2

One thing was PAINFULLY apparent as I watched the Tigers beat up on the Yankee Minor Leaguers:

Former Mets’ GM and ESPNation analyst Steve Phillips is absolutely GOOFY!


The Yankees are now 14-13-2 in the Grapefruit League. They finish up tomorrow in Tampa against the Tigers.


The Yankees’ Roster Is Set

The Yankees finalized their Opening Day Roster on Friday, adding 3 "new" faces to the Major League Club.

Josh Phelps will replace Andy Phillips, who was out of options and was placed on waivers by the Yankees. In a moment that showed the tremendous caliber of Phillips’ character, he asked Joe Torre if Phelps knew that he had made the team. Phillips wanted to CONGRATULATE Josh Phelps and to wish him well.

I wish Andy Phillips the best, and I’m sure that he’ll be playing SOMEWHERE in the Majors this season. He’s a CLASS ACT.

Also joining the team are catcher Wil Nieves and lefty reliever Sean Henn. Nieves beat out Todd Pratt for the role of back-up catcher to Jorge Posada. Nieves was out of options, and the Yankees wanted to keep him on the 40 man roster.

Henn pitched well this Spring and Ron Villone didn’t. The Yankees are still in negotiations with Villone as for his future with the organization.

The roster is set… LET’S PLAY BALL!


Grapefruit League: Yankees 6, Blue Jays 3

The Yankees used solo homers by Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter to power themselves to the victory.

Steven Jackson, acquired in the Randy Johnson trade, pitched well for 5+ innings. Jackson allowed 2 earned runs on 5 hits, walking 1 and striking out 2 batters.

Kevin Thompson contributed 2 hits (double, single) and drove in 2 RBI. He also made a nice catch against the right-field wall in the bottom of the 8th inning.

The Yankees are now 14-12-2 in the Grapefruit League, and have guaranteed themselves a winning percentage of at least .500 when they leave Florida.


When “Conventional Wisdom” Perpetuates Foolishness


I’ve had it with these buffoons that say that the Yankees have more problems in their starting pitching than anyone else. These preachers of the "Conventional Wisdom" are wishing for the demise of the Yankees, while ignoring the FACTS. These so-called "experts" ignore the obvious reality, letting their anti-Yankee bias cloud their judgment.

As I was listening to the Astros’ announcers tonight, they kept on expounding, lamenting and perpetuating the myth that the Yankees’ starting pitching is terrible. This is a perfect example of how media buffoons hear another media buffoon say something, and then it instantly becomes GOSPEL.

Excuse me, but I think that the Yankees starting pitching is stronger than it has been for years.

The Yankees rid themselves of Jared (Ugh!) Wright, who had trouble getting past the 5th inning of his son’s T-Ball games. The Yankees rid themselves of an achy, rancorous future Hall Of Famer who under-performed in New York.

The Yankees added a veritable full stable of young studs who are pounding at the door to the Major Leagues. The Yankees added Andy Pettitte, a 200+ IP, 14 game winner who’s pitched in the pressure cooker of New York to a starting rotation that ALREADY included Chien-Ming Wang (19 wins) and Mike Mussina (15 wins).

The Yankees have the PREMIERE bullpen in the American League East. They’ve added arms to that effective bullpen that will allow them much greater flexibility, allowing them to keep the devastating Mariano Rivera fresh and well-rested.

The Yankees’ offense is going to score a whole bunch o’ runs. If the Yankee pitchers can keep their opponents to an average of 4 runs per game, then the Pennant Race won’t even be close. I think that the 1-5 starters will be more than able to do this. Add in a surprise rookie pitcher here or there, and the Yankees could easily win 100 games.

Meanwhile, the Yankees’ American League East opponents have added untested pitchers, fragile fielders and Yankee rejects to their aging line-ups. While the Yankees have gotten younger in their organization without sacrificing quality, the rest of the Division has regressed in that manner.

Where are all of the so-called "experts" on those facts?

Let’s face it… THIS AIN’T YOUR YEAR, RSN


Grapefruit League: Twins 4, Yankees 3

Carl Pavano went 6 innings for the Bombers, allowing only 2 runs on 6 hits. His "hits allowed" total was a bit misleading, as the Twins only struck 2 of the hits well. The other 4 were dinkers and Texas Leaguers.

Bobby Abreu and Josh Phelps supplied the power for the Yankees, each connecting for solo homers.

The Yankees are now 13-11-2 in the Grapefruit League.