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Don’t Stand Too Close To The Naked Men…

These guys must be stressed out about the Yankees’ managerial situation.

Don’t worry, people. I’m not staying at any Travelodges in the near future…



How I Insulted The Governor


Yesterday was a BAAAAAD day through and through. It was supposed to be a good day, being that it was my birthday and such, but I have this uncanny ability to insert my foot into my mouth at the most critical times.


The governor of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, one Dr. Ernest "Ernie" Fletcher, and I have seen each other out at the airport on several occasions. We’ve always spoken (things like, "Mr. Governor." and then he says, "It’s good to see you again."). No big deal; he recognizes me on sight, but doesn’t know who I am. That sort of thing.

Yesterday, however, he saw my wife Jeannie and I standing in the lobby, so he made his way on over to us to shake our hands. A nice gesture at the very least. He asked us how we were doing, and things like that.

(Now, as an aside, I try to be "up-to-date" on all of the various news goings-ons and stuff. Of course, Monday was the day when I didn’t take notice of any of the local news happenings.)

As the Governor was leaving, I smiled at him and said cheerily, "You have a great day, sir!"

He took a few steps through the automatic glass doors, and then suddenly stopped walking, turned around, and gave me a look that seared it’s way right through me.

Apparently, I was the ONLY stupid slob in the entire universe that didn’t know that he had spent the entire day at the funeral of a close, personal friend.

Sorry, Mr. Governor. I’m only stupid.

Another Reason Why Cincinnati Reds Fans Shouldn’t Drink

WARNING: This contains disturbing (if not hilarious) images. Viewer discretion advised.

A firefighter from the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio was arrested for walking around in a bikini while intoxicated. This is what the cops found:

This is just ANOTHER reason why Reds fans shouldn’t drink.

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Why Are Red Sox Fans So Bitter?

They won the World Championship in 2004, ending 86 years of second-class baseball citizenship. They defeated the Yankees in the greatest series comeback in the history of baseball, putting the "Ghost of the Babe" to rest.

One would think that all things should be happy in the musty lands of Fenway.

Yet still, they’re angry. And REALLY BITTER…

The cause of this warped phenomena MUST have their roots in something deeper than what happens on their baseball team’s field.

Could it be that the Red Sox Nation has grown so used to losing that even they consider the joy of 2004 to be an aberration in their miserable lives?

Could it be that the Red Sox Nation realizes that no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be the Yankees; always failing to be nothing more than a footnote in baseball history?

Could it be that the Red Sox Nation realizes that like a herd of mindless lemmings, they keep on electing  John Kerry and Ted Kennedy to office, term after term?

Could it simply be that it never really warms up in the Northeast?

Could it be that they know that Thurman Munson really WAS better than Carlton Fisk?

Or could ALL of these reasons be true?


Possible Carl Pavano Sighting In Florida!

A car-jacker in Boca Raton, Florida stole a car and then got lost.He then called the police and confessed to the crime and asked them to
come find him.

A mule in rural NE Oklahoma

From the (Dis)Associated Press:

"Um, I committed a crime," he told the police dispatcher. "I stole a vehicle."

asked for officers to respond to his location, but when the dispatcher
asked where the vehicle was, King didn’t have an answer.

"I couldn’t even tell you," he said. "I don’t even know where I’m at."

Boca Raton police found King waiting on a curb. He being was held without bail in the Palm Beach County Jail.

I guess he should have ‘jacked a car with an OnStar.

Then again, it coulda been Dontrelle Willis…


Stupid Yankee Fan Of The Week

Charles Rangel

Yet another politician speaks before he thinks of the consequences.

"Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the **** wants to live in Mississippi?"

-Charles Rangel (D-NY)

Hey Congressman! We who live here in "Fly-Over Country" live better for cheaper! Give us a break!

Who writes speeches for these guys, anyway?

Gary Sheffield?!?

The Off-Season Of Malcontent

I’ve been planning on posting a response to Gary Sheffield’s rants, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It’s a much more preferable position to just let stupid stay stupid.

There IS, however, one thing that Sheffield said that seems to stand out more to me than his other inane comments:

"My situation, honestly, I never was comfortable… I was always feeling a little insecure with where I fit here and where I belonged. Do they want me here?

"And I had to play on those terms. And I was being a man about it and going out and trying to do my job under the conditions. I’m not going to complain about it. I didn’t complain about it then, and I’m not gonna complain about it now."

Oh, you poor little baby… you had to go out and play a game for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that ANY one of us out here would play for free. If you’re not complaining, then what do you call it?

The sooner Gary Sheffield and his malcontent, destructive attitude leaves the Bronx, the better.