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St. Louis Cardinals: 2006 World Champions

St. Louis Cardinals

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans.

David Eckstein

Congratulations to the lilliputian David Eckstein, who won the World Series MVP Award. At 3′ 7" or whatever he is, he’s a player with a HUGE heart.

The Cardinals figured out the one winning strategy that neither the Yankees or Athletics could. You have to hit the ball back to the Tigers’ pitchers.

And now, all of baseball mourns… as another season ends.

Jeff Suppan Gets Political Before Game Four

Jeff Suppan appears in a Missouri political advertisement along with Jim Caviezel of "The Passion Of The Christ", Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals and Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals.   

The advertisement is in response to the Michael J. Fox ad that has been running in Missouri for about a week.

Jeff Suppan’s TV spot should take place sometime during the World Series tonight in the Missouri market.

Just like it is with Hollywood actors, professional athletes and politicians make strange bedfellows indeed.

Yawn… Game Three Tonight

Maybe it’s because my team isn’t in it, but I’ve been bored to sleep by the first two games. Maybe it’s the constant, inane droning that’s eminating from the FOX broadcasting booth. I’d rather listen to a hive of bees buzzing…

Wait a minute! Maybe I am!

Anyway, I’m trying to remain interested, so here’s my World Series post for the day:

The Cardinals send their ace to the mound tonight.

This is THE game that the Cardinals should win, with Carpenter on the mound in a hostile forty-degree environment.

A Buff-Tailed bumblebee

Although they may lose tonight, it’s still the Tigers in six.