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More Ridiculous Speculation On A Non-Issue…


The Yankees are doomed! Doomed! Do you hear me; DOOMED!

At least, that’s what MLB beat writer Brian Hoch would have us believe as he writes about the fact that Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter don’t go to dinner together.

Despite the fact that A-Rod says that the two super-stars remain friends, the focus of the article on the Yankees’ website hints at friction between them.


This is just another example of sports writers not having the intellectual wherewith-all to report REAL news, instead of making up IMAGINARY stories.

Reading some of the nonsense that these writers parlay is like reading a bad Ed Wood script. Compared to some of the garbage that these hacks write, Plan 9 From Outer Space was classic fare.

At the very least, it was based on a more believable reality…



Bombers Roundup: Stirring The Pot Of Poop…

The sports writers have begun Spring Training in mid-season form this February.

Already, this bunch of frustrated,

scribes have tried to stir up controversy in Yankee-land, even though there are no real controversies to be found.

First, they tried to find something provocative about Alex Rodriguez’ contract clause. We’ve ALL known about the opt-out option since A-Rod’s been here. What’s the controversy?

Next, they tried to cause fear in the Bronx by telling us that the Yankees might let Mariano Rivera go via free-agency, at the end of the season. It’s his final year, or "walk-year", as it is for Jorge Posada and others. Contracts run out, and then the players are re-signed. There is NO WAY that the Yankees are going to let the game’s GREATEST CLOSER of ALL-TIME sign with another team. Same thing with Posada. What’s the controversy?

Then, there’s the Bernie Williams saga: Is he mad at the Yankees, or isn’t he? Does it matter? The recently deceased Hank Bauer, one of the greatest clutch players in Yankee history, was released in order to make way for younger players. He will ALWAYS be a Yankee, as will Bernie Williams, even if he (Williams) decides to not show up for Spring Training with the Bombers. Where’s the controversy?

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Yankee beat writers aren’t necessarily Yankee fans, just like members of Congress aren’t necessarily patriotic. Just like politicians who stir up the pot of poop to pit one American against the other in order to divide and conquer for votes, so do sports writers in order to sell papers. They both do harm to the people they each claim to support.

Take courage, Yankee fans; it’s ONLY February.